Performance and IndieGoGo Update (10 days left!)

First, we had a great time playing at the Jazz Estate in Milwaukee on Sunday.  Thanks to Lady Cannon for joining us on that one and thanks to those of you who came out for the show.

We will be playing one more time in August (as a 5-piece) at Mr. Roberts in Madison with Cold Black River, Rainbow Bruce, and Not From Here.  August 6th at 10:00.  Free show.

bat 2Lastly, we’ve got just 10 days left on our Indie GoGo and we are still south of “halfway funded”.  Please, please, please stop by and check it out here: Pre-Order Lovely Socialite’s New Album “Toxic Consonance”

Thank you sooooo much to those of you who have contributed so far.  We’ve got all sorts of great stuff to share with you soon!

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