Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps is a Milwaukee/Madison-based experimental jazz/rock group. Socialite vacillates between tightly composed pieces and entirely free improvisation, combining aesthetics of modern jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary classical music.  Instrumentation includes Trombone, Bass, Cello, Pipa, Vibraphone, and Drums.

Lovely Socialite often collaborates with artists–vocalists, electronic musicians, video/installation artists–for various projects.

The official roster includes:

Ben Willis-Bass, Double Bass, Electronics

Pat Reinholz-Guitar, Electric Cello, Electonics

Brian Grimm-Pipa (琵琶), Gaohu (高胡), Guzheng (古箏), Cello, Electronics

Corey Murphy-Trombone, Keyboard, Electronics

Abe Sorber-Vibraphone, Keyboard

Mike Koszewski-Drums, Percussion

Socialite members also appear in Clocks in MotionPushmi-Pullyu, The Weather Duo, The Watercourse Quartet, Lady Cannon, and Tontine Ensemble.

5 thoughts on “Personnel”

  1. Curious about my mom’s name connected with the Lovely Socialite. She is Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps and was indeed a ravishing social creature.

    1. So glad you’ve acknowledged me as unique! You have tremendous taste!

      Actually my husband is Thomas W. Phipps III, and there were a couple of other Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps before I came along! LOL

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