Music and Video

The Drift (from The Drift 2022)

Final Flight of F.R.O.G. (from The Drift 2022)

Experiment One (from The Drift 2022)

Glass (from DoubleShark 2017)

Black Yukon Sucker Punch (from Toxic Consonance 2015)

Humus (from Toxic Consonance 2015)

Brachiosaurus Boogie (from Registers Her Delight 2012)

To Thicken the Plot (from Registers Her Delight 2012)

Experiment One

Non-Fungible Tableau [Prod. by Tim Reinholz] (Quarantine Loops, Vol. 2)

Chupacabracadabra (live at The Sh*tty Barn)

Pockets #1 (Quarantine Loops, Vol. 1)

Sparks Joy (Quarantine Loops, Vol. 1)

Melania Sketches (live at The Sh*tty Barn)

Glass (Official Music Video by Tommy Simms and Joe Ludwig 2017)

Black Yukon Sucker Punch (Toxic Consonance promo video 2015)

Rock It, Science (live at Bookless 2012)

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