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  • FRIDAY (11/3): UW Madison Student Union w/ Nestle [FREE]

    FRIDAY (11/3): UW Madison Student Union w/ Nestle [FREE]

    We are psyched to return to the birthplace of Lovely Socialite this week – the UW Campus.  Years ago, we spent the night in the UW Music building cramming in our last rehearsal for Ben Willis’ senior bass recital.  This was our first official gig as Lovely Socialite.  This Friday, we’ll return to the campus…

  • DoubleShark Album Release

    DoubleShark Album Release

    On July 15th, we’ll be releasing DoubleShark at Art In (Madison) along with our friends And Illusions and Left Field Quartet.  This is a DOUBLE release show as Left Field will also be releasing their album that night.  #Nice. Also, we’ve recently checked in with Scott Gordon at Tone Madison regarding this upcoming release.  You’ll…

  • Leo Johnson and the New Shoes

    Leo Johnson and the New Shoes

    We had the most excellent opportunity to perform as “Leo Johnson and the New Shoes” last weekend at the Twin Peaks-themed “Madison Night Light: The Owls are Not What They Seem”. We’ve spent the last few weeks writing arrangements of music from Twin Peaks and were fortunate enough to be joined by Geoff Brady (drum…