We’ve been busy booking performances.  Here’s what’s coming up…

February 27th: An Evening At Maria’s (Madison)
Maria’s is a “pop-up performance venue” held in a warehouse on the east side of Madison. Each event is a showcased evening of musicians, artists, poets, and non-profit community organizations.  We are really looking forward to playing along with Tar Pet and a slew of fantastic visual and spoken word artists.Tar Pet

Tar Pet is the solo project of Taralie Peterson from the legendary psych veterans Spires That In The Sunset Rise. Both projects recapture creative music by bringing it into a timeless, acoustically sourced domain. Tar Pet is completely riveting, mysterious, and a very rare occasion to listen again, as if for the first time.


March 25th: Linneman’s Riverwest Inn (Milwaukee)

We’ll be playing in the Riverwest Neighborhood in Milwaukee this March alongside Sun//Decrease, a trio of Milwaukee’s most creative improvising minds.

sun decrease

At the foot of the mountain, the joyous lake: Sun//Decrease is the sound of a cliff extending outward as you walk off. The collaborative trio, consisting of Wes Tank (WC Tank, Antler Antennas, Stumblestone), Barry Paul Clark (adoptahighway, Tontine Ensemble, Field Report) and Devin Drobka (Bell Dance Songs, Lesser Lakes Trio, Lady Cannon, Argopelter) first came to be after performance experiences through Unrehearsed MKE, a monthly improvised music event founded by Devin and co-curated by Barry. The music of Sun//Decrease is improvised, involving text, effected upright bass and percussion. The improvisations are based off of principles and inspirations drawn from the text of the I Ching, which also led to the name Sun//Decrease.

Soc Sun Visis.png

March 26th: The Frequency (Madison)

The Visis incorporate diverse influences to create non-derivative, instrumental music.

“Musically, they have some skills and it was actually refreshing to hear instrumental rock music that veered from the typical staples of post-rock. The guys implement math rock with a tinge of jazz occasionally. It’s full of cascading guitar scales, dynamic percussion and inventive bass lines.” -The Even Ground



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